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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dec. 361, Day 27: Family Christmas

10 Things I Like
About Family Christmas
I've been fortunate enough to be part of three extended families. Each family gathering at Christmas is different. But each, in its own way, is special. We were at the Richard family Christmas today and, as usual, there wree some loving things that occurred. Here are some of favorite things of all three.
1. The kids: Whether it was Jay and Shawn when they were young or my nieces and nephews now, watching the little kids get excited over presents is precious.
2. My in-laws: I love Kris' parents Chuck and Hazel and hope to get to know them more for many years. Today, my first wife's parents were very nice to be with, as well.
3. The food: At the Swenson gatherings, I automatically like almost everything. At the other two, I get a chance to try some different things, even tho I'm not too experimental.
4. The drink: I must say, there have been some doozy punches at some of the most recent family holiday gatherings. Tasty with a kick can get to you as you get older!
5. The gifts: I really enjoy watching other people open their gifts. Our two sons have added a new dimension the past 3-4 years by also buying "gag" gifts for everyone. They get their creativity from me, I believe.
6. Small talk: Since I don't see ANY of my relatives very often, it gives me a chance to catch up, share some laughs and perhaps comisserate over sad tidings.
7. Sports: Often, there are games on TV or games in the back yard between the kids - usually it's too cold for that, though. Regardless, I like sports enough to enjoy them as a backdrop to holidays.
8. Playing cards: This doesn't always happen, but when it does, I enjoy it because I never get to play cards anymore.
9. The laughter: Whether it's brother-in-law Mike on one side or sister-in-law Jan on the other or even my brother, Jeff - all who have great laughs - it makes me feel good to hear it.
10. The prayer: Again, it doesn't happen at all of them, but when it does, I'm glad because I appreciate somebody in the family taking charge to thank God for family.

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