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Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 360, Dec. 26: Relaxing

10 Things That Can 
Relax Me
I had a rare massage today from a woman friend who is going through massage school (she's also a high school teacher and teaches yoga - which I tried and it doesn't relax me :-( But here are 10 things that do.
Massage: Since it's on my mind ... I haven't had many in my life, but this one was especially needed with the stress I've had with my mom, book and trip to Kansas City.
Hot tub: I try to always spend some time in one when I'm at a hotel. Unfortunately, some of the older ones I've stayed at recently didn't have one.
Airplane ride: Once I'm past all of the boarding hastles, I love sitting back and relaxing - preferably on a window seat to stare at the clouds.
Kitty on the tummy: Leah is on my lap now as I try to type! The purring and softness makes me content.
Listening to vinyl: It's rare, but I sometimes like to lay on the floor and listen to old-fashioned records.
The beach: As long as I'm beneath an umbrella, I can relax in a recliner on the beach (preferably the ocean).
Back to Kris: I call it laying "my favorite way." It's almost in a fetal position, snuggled up with my back to Kris, who is facing me.
In the movie theater: If my back is right, I thoroughly enjoy the relaxation of a dark theater - popcorn in buttered popcorn in hand, of course.
Two quick wines: Standing, sitting or lying down, two wines will relax me quite well.
Quick snow rest: I seldom do this anymore, but if dressed properly, I have enjoyed moments lying in the snow.
Riding shotgun: Once again, if my back is right, I enjoy reclining in the passenger seat of a car during a long drive - iPod on the car radio, of course!

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