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Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 364, Dec. 30: Resolutions

10 Things I Want to Do
In 2012
I usually don't make resolutions, and I never write them down, but this is a natural post to do near the end of a year-long blog.
1. Listen to Kris more often. Many times she will give me good advice, only for me to hesitate or resist. 
2. Be less judgmental. I want to look at people without immediately concluding something about them.
3. Write some fictional short stories.
4. Be more patient when something initially goes wrong.
5. Drink less Mountain Dew.
6. Be a good mentor to the boy I end up with in the Big Brother program.
7. Hug Kris more often.
8. Help the boys as much - or as little - as a father should at this stage in their lives.
9. Continue to run, do sit-ups, lift weights and keep in shape.
10. Strengthen my faith in God by trusting his will more than my own.

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