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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 363, Dec. 29: Lowlights of 2011

Things That Didn't Go
Well or Were Challenges
Everyone has ups and downs during a given year. Some years are worse than others. As I mentioned in the previous post, this year was about medium.
* I was sicker than a dog almost all of January.
* The housing market didn't improve enough for us 
to even put ours up for sale again.
* Shawn failed to get a position as a student trainer 
 for the Iowa basketball team.
* Our 17-year-old cat Tabby disappeared, never to be found.
* Jay's job in Maquoketa paid much lower than he expected, 
fueling a disappointing start.
* More old house problems with chimneys, 
boiler and gutters - among others.
* The Badgers football team lost 2 games in a row 
on Hail Mary passes.
* My brother's business was so bad, 
he's had to take drastic measures.
* My book printing was delayed, contributing to a lower than hoped for turnout for my book signing.
* My mom's health deteriorated to its worst ever, her future not rosy.

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